Non Slip Grip Tools For Your Kitchen

People who love cooking don't have to be encouraged to spend their hard-earned money on kitchen utensils. I'm certainly guilty of indulging on the newest, shiniest, hottest kitchen gadget that I take home and place in prime viewing in the kitchen. After a few days, I realize it's not actually that useful, and put it away in the depths of my house, never to be used, or seen again.
For instance, my smoothie machine, espresso maker, yogurt maker etc are kept in some remote corner of my kitchen. Nevertheless, there are several purchases, or gifts, which I truly could not live without. They make my cooking life much easier, by saving my time. Oxo good grips mini chopper is one of them. They are fun to use, easy to handle, easy to clean and comes with a non slip grip.
Mini choppers are fairly inexpensive and are ideal for making pesto, salsa verde, chopping an onion, chopping garlic, chopping nuts, etc. It can be kept it on the counter and if you need several garlic cloves chopped, it's done in literally seconds. Its non slip grip makes it all the more attractive.
To make the job of chopping garlic easier and for a finer dice, use the Oxo Good Grips mini chopper. All you need to do is press the soft knob and the blades start rotating for quick chopping. A great benefit of this brand is the bumper that absorbs shock and reduces sound.
There are two ways to chop. You can use the enclosed cup which has a soft, non-slip grip, or you can chop directly onto a cutting board just by removing the base. If you use the enclosed cup, there is a rotating tab inside which prevents food accumulation on the cup walls. Cleaning the chopper is easily accomplished by simply unscrewing the blade cartridge. Reassembling the parts is also easy because the blade is symmetrical.
The oxo good grips mini chopper has a non slip grip, which makes it easy to use. You can chop all kinds of fruits, nuts and vegetables - even onions and garlic without getting the smell on your hands. This chopper comes with a scooping spoon, and makes a really great gift for all your friends and family who love to cook.

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Mini choppers provide an affordable way to make cooking easier. It is enjoyable, simple to manipulate, simple to clean up, and has a non-slip handle. They are perfect for making pesto or salsa verde, and are ideal for chopping onions, garlic, nuts, etc. It is designed with an internal bumper so that chopping is quiet and comfortable.