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Kitchen sinks are used a lot, but thankfully they are the least expensive feature to change in your kitchen. There are varied options in styles, shapes and sizes, but remember that costs vary dependent on the materials they are made of and the style. However, the decisions you make determine the time the sink will last and it should be something you really like.

Sinks are classified into two types: double basin; or single basin. The less common ones are the triple basins, but they are not so easy to find. They vary greatly in depth and width. How you use your sink and what type of kitchen you have will assist you in choosing between a double or single one.

Kitchen size will also determine what you need. Small kitchens work better with single basins, and can be overwhelmed by the double variety. However, double basin sinks are beneficial because you can prepare food for cooking and wash dishes at the same time.

The most desired material choice for kitchen sinks is stainless steel. It is very easy to install, as it is fairly light weigh, very easy to keep up. Quality of stainless steel sinks is determined by the gauge of steel. Lower gauges have better quality. In addition, the quantity of nickel and chromium in the steel is important – the more the better.

For more traditional or country themes, porcelain sinks are an attractive option for home improvement. There are so many colours to choose from, in fact more than any other material.

Solid sinks are frequently used with customized countertops. They are made of composite and used in more costly kitchen projects. The surface is both scratch and stain resistant and durable. In fact they are definitely very easy to maintain and a joy to clean.

Another less costly sink material is enamel. It comes in varied styles and colours. However, it requires far more maintenance and care, and unlike stainless steel and solid sinks, it is less durable. Enamel scratches and chips way too easily, and there is no way you can use abrasives on them for cleaning.

Once you have chosen your sink, you need to decide how many holes you need to put in. You should decide how many or which of the following you want installed – soap dispensers, spray nozzles and faucets. Plus, it is important to know exactly how many handles you need for your faucets.

When choosing you sink you have to think about faucets. Faucets should be practical and fit in with the sink’s materials. Take into account the sink size when you are buying one and that it will correspond with the faucets you want. Keep in mind that triple basins or double basins work better with long spouts, and whatever the type of large or multiple basined sinks you have, you must get a 180º-swivelling faucet to reach all the sink’s bowls.

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