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Just because there is a diabetic cookbook available in the store, you should not think that it will help your condition. People with diabetes do need to live with a lot of restrictions in their diet. With the help of so-called diabetic diets, they try to induce diabetics into buying their books. But they do not necessarily provide value for money. There are several reasons why diabetes cooking does not work for everyone. One of these is that, and you will be surprised to know this, no two diabetics will have the same kind of body conditions. This means, no two of them will need to follow the same kinds of restrictions. While one diabetic patient may be allowed to eat a frozen dessert once in a while, it may be totally taboo for another. All this depends on the patient's individual blood sugar level. Your health expert is almost always your best guide in preparing a healthy diabetic menu that's customized for your needs. All diabetes foods are not good for you. Most of them have generic recipes that follow common diabetic recipes like "save the sugar, add the fiber", which are written on the premise of one-size-fits-all. While these recipes are 'safe', they may not be customized to your condition. What you actually need to know is what kind of food you can have for your own condition. This you can know by checking out the calorie count and the glycemic index of the recipes. If a diabetic cookbook mentions these values, you can customize it for your needs. Your health advisor can help you in what recipes you can select for your condition from such books. Some of the better patient foods have a list of substitutes that you can use in place of your favorite foods that you cannot eat safely anymore. They will also let you know what kind of exercises and supplementation you must do in order to keep your diabetic condition in check and to help the foods in your body to get metabolized better. In conclusion, you must remember that all diabetic cooking that you will see in the stores or online for you. But there definitely are cookbooks with vital information on the recipes that you can use. Also look out for books that guide you on exercise and other methods that can help you live healthier, notwithstanding your diabetic condition.

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