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The egg is a very popular item for people to purchase because it a very versatile food source. The egg is derived from hens, and are conveniently packaged in groups of a dozen or eighteen-count Styrofoam packages that are built with recessed holes that specifically meet the oval shape that an egg possesses. The egg cooking advices will vary because of the many ways that an egg can be prepared.

There are several varieties of eggs on the market. Some eggs are in the traditional oval shape, but are colored differently in shades of white, and then there are country style eggs that are brown and are rumored to contain more nutrients than the white colored egg variety. There are even companies that have perfected the nutritional value in their branding of eggs, and stamp their emblem on the end of each egg that comes from their very healthy, raised hens.

There are a variety of ways to prepare eggs, and people enjoy entering restaurants and providing the waitress with their particular preference for the day. The styles in egg preparation that can be chosen by a diner are poached, basted, and fried. The level of frying can be medium, over medium, and sunny side up.

Some of the egg cooking advices are very helpful to diners. The medium features allows for an egg yolk that is yellow with a runny white layer to be consumed by the diner. The over medium egg will allow a well done egg yolk that is semi dry in appearance, thoroughly covered with a white layer over the yolk to be consumed by the diner, and the white area of the egg is very well cooked. Sunny side up selections will provide an egg yolk that is rare, with a white area that is very runny.

Other cooking advices for eggs will give a diner a low-calorie choice in the poached egg, which is immersed in simmering water while it is cooking, and can be cooked to any doneness that is desired. A basted egg is coated with butter during the cooking cycle and can be poached or cooked on a grill top in a frying pan. The butter flavoring is most readily apparent with the basting method, but the caloric boost from the butter stops many people from ordering these on a regular basis.

While some egg cooking advices say that eggs are rich sources of protein, they are also culprits in promoting heart disease because they contain cholesterol that has been proven to impair blood circulation and clog the arteries of the blood vessels. This arterial damage is done over a period of years, and can be life threatening when combined with respiratory ailments and other disorders of the body.

Some cooking advices for egg recommend that they be used to prepare salads, and will be of great help in keeping the family eating budget under control. Children in the West used to take boiled eggs to school in their lunch pails because the protective coating of the egg kept them safe until they could be eaten at lunch time. Mothers routinely use eggs to make fried egg sandwiches, or use pickle relish, mayonnaise, mustard and a variety of cooking spices for flavoring as a egg mixture that stretches budget dollars for school lunch sandwiches.

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