How To Find Cooking Inspiration

What is your favorite kind of cuisine? Each of us has our favorite, but there are some of us that would prefer to dine on our favorite foods at a restaurant. However, even if you enjoy cooking, the odds are that you also like to eat and dine out on occasion. What you may not realize is that restaurants are a great repository of inspiration for your personal cooking as well.

Favorite Restaurants

What do you like to eat at your favorite restaurants? You can use your own dining experiences to find different dishes to cook. Start by making a list of the restaurants that you like. Next, you can consider what do they offer, that always brings you back. Is it the way they cook the food? Is it the gorgeous decor? What do you order the most often? After you have thought about these issues, then you can apply them to enhance your cooking and your dining room.

Examine The Menu

We all have our own, personal cooking style. As you take a close look at the menu, you can get a clue as to the kinds of ingredients and seasonings that the professional chef caters to. Make a note of anything that hits you as impressive or surprising and write it down. Later on, you can take your notes and use them to improve your own food preparation.

For example, say you ordered an orange duck dish that was so yummy, that you got a second helping. While you were looking over the menu, you zoomed in on the orange duck, made a mental note that is was roasted over an open fire and marinated in a sweet and sour orange sauce. The method of cooking and the kind of sauce sounded delicious to you. After your orange duck arrived, you were delighted that it also smelled as good as it sounded on the menu. This is the time to write down some notes, like how the duck was roasted, how long did it marinate in the sauce and that maybe only fresh oranges and honey went into the sauce.

Does The Chef Give Classes

For a more direct approach, you can get the cooking techniques from your favorite restaurant by inquiring if the chef offers classes where you live. Then, you can practice their techniques during their classes and learn from a professional. Once you have mastered these new skills, you can apply them in your own kitchen and enjoy your favorite dishes anytime.

New Cuisines

A great method to get to know new cuisines is to go eat at that type of restaurant. This is an important way to help you understand how the food should look and taste. By eating it at the restaurant, you will have something to compare against so you know when it is cooked correctly. Then, if you enjoy it, you can try to make the same food in your kitchen. This sets your standard and guides you, instead of trying to gamble as to how to cook it, before having it already prepared for you.

To find more inspiration for cooking, you can look on the Internet, for a complete cooking ebook guide that should include everything you ever wanted to know about cooking, but never dared to ask. Then you can enjoy your restaurant and cooking experiences even more.

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