Innovative Ways To Cook With Hemp

Throughout time people who smoke cannabis have found new and innovative ways to consume THC. The main benefits of this are saving your lungs from long term damage from inhaling cannabis smoke. People also people report a much nicer cleaner high off eating or drinking products with THC extracted into them. We are going to explore some of the most popular methods of cooking with cannabis and show you how you can experiment at home with cannabis drinks and food.

Green Dragon Soda

Green Dragon soda is a popular cannabis drink that you can make in your own home. The process involves cooking the marijuana and extracting the THC into a liquid form. Just be careful because doing this makes some pretty potent stuff which can keep you high for much longer then smoking weed. Drinking this stuff can be unpleasant straight, so you are going to want to mix it with soda or tea. You can find detailed instructions on how to cook and prepare simply by searching for Green Dragon soda online.

Pot Brownies

The great thing about the cannabis plant is that it is fat soluble. When you cook it with fat, the cannabinoids will mix with things such as butter and other fatty foods. One way you can prepare your next batch of homemade brownies is to cook up some cannabis butter first and then simply mix it with your brownie mix. This can be achieved by simply boiling a pot of water and placing some butter in the water. After this you mix in the cannabis plant and cook and stir for a half hour. Simply strain and let it harden and you have some fresh cannabis butter to mix with your brownie mix.

Cannabis Vodka

This popular drink is becoming popular across many nightclubs and bars around the world. It originates from the Czech republic and is bottled commercially and sold in Absinthe stores online. You can also make your own homemade cannabis vodka simply by soaking seeds or stems in some vodka for a week and the cannabinoids will infuse into the vodka.

Do yourself a favor and try some new and innovative ways to ingest THC. You will save your lungs and it is much more healthier then smoking it. Lots of pot smokers are enjoying new and better highs from eating and drinking cannabis. Many of these recipes can be prepared easily and cheaply, and can be a great addition to your next party at home for you and your friends to enjoy.

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