Kid Friendly Cook Books

Most popular Children's cook books help parents and kids learn to interact in the kitchen. Kids enjoy cooking and these cook books describe simple ways to cook healthy meals with kids in mind.

1)Burning Down the House
This cooking with kids cookbook is a simple, easy to follow cookbook - containing recipes that allow a child's mind to explore the wonders of cooking.

The kid tested cook book includes recipes for breakfast to to bedtime. Recipes include Lemon Pancakes, Jazzy Popcorn, Peanut Butter Spaghetti and more.
Burning Down the House, Cooking With Kids (English)
Price range: $9.35 from 1 Seller
Publisher: T C Pub
Format: Paperback
MSRP: $ 9.95

2)Someone's in the Kitchen With Mommy cook book has more than than 100 easy kid tested recipes and some cool craft projects that parents and kids can enjoy together in the kitchen. The cookbook includes recipes for nutritious, low-fat, tasty snacks and meals for holidays, rainy days, or any day.

Someone's in the Kitchen With Mommy (English)
(More Than 100 Easy Recipes and Fun Crafts for Parents and Kids - ISBN: 0809231425)
Price range: $5.75 (Refurb) - $23.95 from 7 Sellers
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Format: Hardcover
MSRP: $ 15.95
Parents and children can enjoy creating healthy, low-fat, and yummy snacks and meals for holidays, rainy days, or any day!
Someone's in the Kitchen with Mommy contains 100 recipes that are not only fun to make but also look great too.

Kids in the Kitchen is a kid friendly cook book that has over 100 delicious, exciting & nutritious recipes showing kids the basics of healthy baking and cooking.
Fun & Healthy 100 Delicious Recipes to Cook & Bake - ISBN: 0806904461)
Price range: $2.95 (used) - $33.13 from 3 Sellers
Edition: Kids in the Kitchen : 100 Delicious, Fun & Healthy Recipes to Cook & Bake
Publisher: Sterling Pub Co Inc
Format: Paperback
MSRP: $ 13.95

The book has explicit directions and color photographs of ingredients and finished products in addition to the photos of kids hard at work.

4) American Heart Association Kids' Cookbook
The American Heart Association Kid's Cookbook (1 Release)
Author: American Heart Association

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