Rotisserie Cooking Tips

Rotisserie cooking is both a fun, and healthy way to cook meals for you and for family members. It’s a kind of cooking that can be done on a grill outside, as well as on indoor models made for the same purpose. Either way, it will provide you with some delicious food.

The Grill

A good way to get great-tasting rotisserie cooking is to use your charcoal or gas barbeque with a special kit. These devices can he attached to the grill of your barbeque and are easy to use. You only need a few things: the kit (including the skewers and motor to run it), a pan to collect drippings, and a degree of patience.

A variety of different kinds of such kits can be purchased. Some of them have skewers and other ones have a sort of cradle that will hold the meat while it rotates over the fire. This will baste the meat in its natural juices. A pan to collect drippings is always a must, because you want to avoid spurts of fire from the dripping fat that could leave you with burned meat.

The drip pan also has another use besides just keeping the cooking consistent. It’s also useful for flavoring the meat. You can pour in around an inch of a liquid of your choosing, cooking wine, lemon juice, etc., and this will liven up the taste of the meat even further. Remember also that in rotisserie cooking, you should factor in all the preparatory work as part of the overall cooking time. You have to position the meat properly, test everything, and then give it enough to time to cook properly.

Rotisserie Cookers

For the most part, regions in the United States get their weather in four seasons. That’s why many companies have developed indoor rotisserie cookers as a way to reap the benefits of this delicious cuisine without worrying about outdoor conditions. There are a few different kinds of products that are designed for this, like the Ronco Showtime rotisserie or the Big George Rotisserie (one of the George Foreman family). In some of them, you’ll need the same kinds of accessories as you would for an outdoor barbeque, like the skewers and drip pan.

Decide what you plan to do with your rotisserie grill. If it’s only for family use, then consider a small size. If you’re thinking of hosting parties and cooking for your guests, then you’ll probably need a bigger one.

A Delicious Recipe

Regardless of what type of rotisserie cooker or add-on device you have, a great recipe is essential before you start doing any cooking. Be creative. Experiment with both solid and liquid flavors, everything from capers, garlic, and olives to lemon juice and wine. Use whatever you like best, and enjoy the results.

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