The Adventure of Cooking Food

Think about what life would be like if it were not for the ability to cook food. Cooking food is something some of us take for granted.

There are some individuals, rare as they may be, that could burn water. But thankfully, for the most part, anyone can cook a meal. All you need is a recipe, some cooking utensils, a means of making the food and you are ready to begin.

If you find yourself at a loss as to what to cook then consider first what type of cuisine you are in the mood for. There are free recipes for cooking food anywhere you look. Soup cans, magazines and the internet boast a virtual smorgasbord of dining delights by offering up recipes.

Take a moment, think about what you are craving and then find a recipe. Make sure the ingredients can be purchased locally.

The second step in cooking food is reading through the recipe and making sure you have the correct cooking utensils. Yes, it is possible to improvise on some utensils but a fork does not take the place of a knife.

By reading through the recipe, you can see exactly what tools you will need for the job at hand. This is also the step where ingredients are checked off.

There is nothing worse than being in the middle of it and realize you have forgotten a key ingredient. As with utensils, some ingredients can be substituted but there are some that are fundamentally important and cannot be switched out.

Thanks to such handy equipment as the microwave or pressure cooker, the time to cook can be cut down considerably. Our society has not reached the point technologically where with a push of a button the food magically appears.

Yes, there are packaged foods such as the types soldiers use in the field, but the average citizen does not want to drink powdered milk or re-hydrated beef paste.

For now we have to use the means we have on hand so if a recipe says that it takes twenty minutes to cook, you cannot speed it along by doubling the heat.

The lesson here about cooking food is pretty simple. Know your recipe, make sure your ingredients are on hand and check to ensure that you have the proper cooking utensils. It is important to take your time and enjoy what you are making.

Cooking should be a chance to experience new foods and bring people closer together. There is an art to making food and a sense of accomplishment to be had from creating something yourself.

If you take the time to try it, you might find yourself trying new things in all aspects of your life. Making food is an adventure and one that brings its own sweet rewards.

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