Understanding the Joy of Cooking

The joy of cooking lies in every individual. It doesn't matter if you love to cook or you love to eat, it is still considered one and the same with each playing a vital part in the Culinary Arts. In order for cooking to become enjoyable, someone has to love eating its finished results; otherwise what would be the purpose of cooking?

Since cooking is considered an art form this would mean that someone has to appreciate it. Whether you love to cook or love to eat, it can still be considered as a joy of cooking. Man either loves to cook or loves to eat, therefore it can be concluded that every man enjoys cooking.

When fire was discovered, the joy of cooking started to spark among the hearts of men. Many tried to experiment cooking different foods directly over the fire since pottery wasn't available then. They either cooked the food directly over the fire or they wrapped and steamed them over embers.

At the time, there was no fire to cook your food with and no potter to cook your food on. What man did was to eat his food directly from a catch. Man then discovered that there are certain foods that can be eaten raw such as fish, fruits, vegetables, and insects.

When fire was discovered, the joy of cooking began to fill the hearts of man. The change in flavor and texture once food was exposed to fire changed and it changed in an even better way, sparking man's interest. Man either cooked the food directly over the fire or chose to wrap and steam his food over hot embers.

To date, there have been five identified forms of cooking, all established with the use of heat. The first form is cooking through the use of liquids. This includes poaching, stewing, and boiling. Another form is cooking with the use of fats and oil or more commonly called frying. Next is cooking through exposure to vapor such as braising and steaming. Last is cooking by exposing to dry heat such as roasting, broiling, and baking.

The Culinary Arts has identified two types of cooking and five forms of cooking food with the use of heat. All these were studied for the love of cooking and for the goal of improving and perfecting the art.

Everybody loves to eat food, however, cooking it in different ways made eating food a much more memorable experience. It is this appreciation that man needs to feel in order to understand the joy of cooking.

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