Something Fishy!

Living and being brought up in the North east of England, one of our staple foods was fish.
Some people I know hate anything from the sea, but me I love it all, only once have I had something I didn’t enjoy and that was overcooked squid ( Calamari ) it was like trying to eat a tyre. So the best fish of all is Cod, so white, very few bones and a joy for the tongue.

Fresh cod fillets only need to be rinsed in fresh water (your fishmonger will have cleaned and skinned the fish). You can thaw frozen cod fillets overnight in the refrigerator or, to speed thawing, put fillets under cold running water, but I think fresh is 100% better than frozen.

Poach or steam cod either as whole fillets or as serving-size pieces. I prefer serving-size pieces because they're easier to handle. Both poached and steamed cod turn out about the same except that poached fish will be wet when removed from the pan. Pat it dry with paper toweling before serving.

Water for poaching.
Simply use salted water. Or milk, milk makes the Cod creamier, just make sure you don’t burn the milk or the fish will be wasted too. Also add a knob of best butter just before removing the Cod and you have an excellent base for a fish sauce.

Bring to boil a pot or pan of water (use enough water to allow room for cod pieces to float freely) Add about a tablespoon of salt and return to very low boil, uncovered

Drop fillets into water and cook gently for 5 to 6 minutes; to help prevent overcooking, turn heat off after the first couple of minutes Remove fillets with a slotted spoon or spatula and place on a sheet or two of paper towels; pat dry If steaming steam for 4-5 minutes

How can you fail? By overcooking. Remove fillets from the pot before they're done (they should flake slightly but not be falling apart). Fillets will continue cooking even after removal. Do not overcook!

I love to serve with boiled new potatoes and lot’s of best butter

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