Are Eggs Really Good For You?

It amazes me how often you hear about eggs and their nutritional value or lack thereof. It seems every year there are studies done to show that eggs are bad for you and high in bad cholesterol and other harmful things. Then the week after another world class higher learning institution with a team of intelligent professors and students will say the exact opposite.

I for one have stopped listening and all the while I eat eggs on a regular basis. My family of three which includes a 1 year old daughter go through almost two dozen eggs a week and for myself I eat two eggs almost every single day. I do this for two reasons, eggs are the ultimate fast food or should I say good food fast and most importantly they taste great. If eggs are in fact bad for you a guy like myself who eats more eggs than most would be a pretty good benchmark, no?

Well two weeks ago a had my first physical in almost 4 years, yes I should have done one each year but given my age I figured I was ok. After a full physical which included a blood test the results don't show that eggs are bad for you. My good cholesterol is at high levels and my bad cholesterol is at low levels. You should note that I eat what I would call a European diet. I drink wine with dinner almost every day, I don't avoid carbs, bread and pasta are my friends and I eat meat on a regular basis. My family does focus on buying foods from our local farmers market, we happen to be very lucky not only to have the farmers market but the local farmers have green houses so we are getting local amazingly tasty produce almost year round.

We have recently started to focus on eating larger breakfasts and lunches and smaller dinners. Our favorite dinner that we usually have once a week is Wine and cheese. Usually served with a proper baguette that we get from an amazing local bakery, olives and some type of fruit whatever is in the house. My wife and I in a very relaxed state usually talk a little or read a book or magazine and dinner can take about 2 hours to complete. We often have about three cheeses, there are the staples which is a very old cheddar and a peppered goat cheese and the third is a new cheese we try to find every week. With the amazingly huge selection of cheeses available from around the world it is going to take a lot of wine and cheese nights to get through them.

My point about our lifestyle is that we above all things enjoy food almost as much as we love our family. Food really is one of life's great pleasures and we take that very seriously. So stop reading what the food experts are saying, listen to your body and most of all your taste buds. Life is all about moderation and great meat, eggs, bread and pasta can all be enjoyed without someone constantly telling you they are good one month and bad the next. Diet fads are just that, fads and should be avoided at all costs!

There is a reason the French live so long they don't treat food the same way we North Americans do. Food is life and is to be enjoyed with friends and family, not inside your car!

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