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"Click and Order", that’s the mantra world has been buoyed by, and it certainly doesn't matter if it’s the product that you can eat or the one you can't! Advent of e-commerce, has by large, made it possible. World Wide Web has redefined the way business is conducted. You click and you buy a shoe, a gift or anything (One would require credit card for that though!!

So, why should food be left out then?

Online Food Ordering System is a business application that exactly helps you answer that. It is an Online system through which food prepared in your restaurants can be ordered with just few clicks. It is a highly tested application, and has been quite popular in USA, which has seen its online food sales figures touching astronomical heights.

Gone are the days when you were required to take orders from your customers through phones; now emails would notify you the orders just made.

And also gone are the days when you had to remember some of your favorite customers name as well. In fact online food ordering system gives you a platform to build a customer data base for that. So this system not only gives you an edge over your competitors but gives you a broader customer reach as well.

So the features that make this system at par with the conventional ways of food ordering can be enlisted as:

Simple, fast and convenient ordering system:
With simple unique features, anyone can place orders. Such systems have features that can generate email notifications automatically to the customers regularly, so as to make them feel properly attended.

24*7*365 days presence:
All of your customer can now avail/order your services, none of them is missed.

Wider customer reach:
With the Online presence, your services are accessible across continents. If you've branches operating, this system is a must for you.

Accurate Ordering system:
The system provides a proper flow of the business procedures, which can be customized as per your requirements. With the streamlining all the processes, automated execution of the same lend it all the accuracy required.

Pre-payment mode option for ordering can help you curb fake ordering.

Detailed menu:
With your presence right at the screen of your customers, you can also showcase your food menu with pictures, recipes. This also enables you to customize the recipe as per your customers delight.

Customer database:
All of the orders placed and delivered adds on to the pool of customer database in the system. This allows you to have a glance on your customer’s food ordering pattern, which is a critical parameter to strengthen your marketing strategy for your future campaigns or initiatives.

Customer feedback:
With every successful delivery you make, the system also facilitates you to keep a log on customers' feedback, quite necessary to further improve your services. With this system, you can send notifications and alerts to your customers about the newer products in your array. The system in itself turns into a channel for your marketing & promotional campaigns, thus saving you your advertisement costs.

Sales figures & reports:
With the online food ordering system, you can generate sales figures & reports as well, so as to get the glance on where you stand in the market today. With all the available unique features, an online food ordering system keeps you updated so that you can organize your methodologies and stand apart from the rest.

At the end of the day, all that matters is how satisfied your customers are with your services. Well, online food ordering system takes you an inch closer though!

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About The Author, Manish Chauhan
MeroSys, the trusted name in online food ordering systems, was designed specifically for the restaurant industry to allow restaurants and cafes to display their menus online. Customers can browse your online menu and submit online order directly to your store.