How About a Five-Minute Meal?

There are many reasons why people avoid the kitchen - but the most common reason is lack of time. Hence, you will learn here how time spent can be minimized. Five-minute meals are indeed possible and these are not junk food, but real cooked, nutritious homemade meals.

In order to be able to have meals ready in five minutes you will need to spend about two-three hours every weekend and prepare the base of these meals:

1. First of all you will need to design a menu that you and your family will enjoy for the whole week. This can be great quality time spent together with your family deciding the menu. Keep the menu simple but healthy with proteins, carbs, vegetables and fruits.
2. Make a list of all the ingredients that will be required for the week, including meat and vegetables. Try to do all of your grocery shopping in one trip.
3. Process all the vegetables and store these cut into cubes or sauteed in air-tight jars in the fridge.
4. Clean and divide the meat, fish or chicken into one-use pouches and store them in the freezer. In this way, you will not need to defrost the whole lot - which is not good for the meat or your time.
5. When possible parboil meats and potatoes so they take less time to cook.
6. Use prepared foods like canned spaghetti sauce that can be heated and served.
7. Make a few liters of vegetable and non-veg stock that you can use during your cooking.
8. Have noodles in the house - since in emergency there is nothing faster to cook that a packet of noodles.
9. Keep ground meat in the fridge for those fast-to-cook hamburgers for your kids
10.Keep low fat cheese and cream for dressing your dishes up and adding a little extra in flavor.
11.Choose meals that can be baked since these involve less over-the-stove time and taste great.

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