Using Tableware Correctly

How to use tableware correctly during European meals most people often use tableware during the meals in incorrect way and sometime you may need to know customs and manner about how to eat. This article will suggest you on how to use the tableware correctly as well as perform correct manner during the meals.

Napkin: It's for use, not for display

Most standard restaurants will provide napkins, folded neatly, available for customers and I understand that most of you do not want to unfold and use those beautiful napkin. But the fact is, you should immediately unfold a napkin when you sit down on the chair because this tableware is really important for the meal and you have to use it correctly.

After you unfold the napkin, lay it on your lap, a bit above your knees. Remember that tie a napkin on your neck or lay it on the chest is allowed only for children, so you should not do that unless you are a child.

When you want to use a napkin to clean, use the tips of the napkin touch on your lips. I have to emphasize that just only touch on lips, not try to swipe out. There is no other way of using napkin correctly. You can leave the napkin on the table after use. After the meal and you want to leave the table, you can leave the napkin on your left to represent that you have finished the meal, do not fold it.

About a napkin

There is a misunderstood about using a napkin. Some people might think that napkin can be used like a handkerchief or tissue paper. This understanding is completely wrong, in terms of use it during a formal meal reception. Napkin, itself has limit of usage with some instruction to be followed, using it incorrectly or just do any thing you like will make other people may insult on you.

Firstly, napkins are designed to use only to clean your lips and fingertips and this is the main purpose, you should not use a napkin for other reason apart from this, such as to wipe out the water, which drops on the chair, table. In stead, you should ask for help from waiter.

After sit down on a chair, unfold the napkin and lay down on your lap. If you have guests who are more senior than you, let them unfold their napkins first.

Make sure that every time you drink water or coffee, do not leave the lipstick mark on the glass/coffee cup. You can use a napkin to wipe out lipstick on you lips before drink water, and this will help you not to leave the mark on it. In case there is lipstick mark on a glass, you can use napkin's tip slow and quietly wipe out the mark.

May I repeat that you must not use napkin for other use, including to scrub your face/neck or to clean eye glasses, otherwise, the napkin will be no longer use to clean lips. As I mentioned napkin is not for clean table. It's also wrong if you use other thing like handkerchief or tissue paper to clean lips and finger.

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