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Buffalo's Famous Wings are served in Thewingmasters, Hot Wings NYC, Hot Wings bar and Chicken Wings NYC restaurants everywhere in America. It is the most imitated sauce around. The Thewingmasters has been the favored in Buffalo for visiting celebrities and nationwide list of Buffalo Wings Restaurants and foreign diplomats. TheWingMasters is assuring you the highest levels of quality in Chicken Wings, Buffalo wings ingredients consistency and quality.
With several successful chicken wing festivals information from, along with countless Buffalo wings, of course…American food icon like nobody else can, by launching the first-ever nationwide list of Buffalo Wing Restaurants from TheWingMasters. In its very first year, this event drew twenty thousand people and was featured on the FOOD FESTIVAL hit series.

Now considered Thewingmasters of the wing industry, NATIONAL BUFFALAO WING FESTIVAL has also made him the "go-to guy" for information about chicken wings, Buffalo wings, hot wings, wings. And, the TheWingMasters is now focused on cultivating his kitchen skills…even developing his own chicken wing sauces. Thewingmasters has a number of dishes to serve "Buffalo Wings" at their restaurant in NYC and everywhere in America, which plans to, sell under the "Buffalo Wing King Foods".

TheWingMasters had deep fried the wings and flavored them with a secret sauce. The Chicken wings were an instant hit and it didn't take long for people to new eating sensation. From that point on, Buffalo wings became a regular part of the menu at the TheWingMasters.

Today, the original restaurant is internationally famous and a destination in Best Buffalo Hot Wings serving up over a thousand pounds of Hot wings each day to the likes of famous movie stars, professional athletes, political leaders and thousands of customers who seek the unique and great taste of TheWingMasters Original Buffalo, Chicken and Hot Wings at their all restaurants where they are providing the wings of buffalo and chicken.
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