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Davie is one of the famous towns of Florida, which is the fourth most populous states of United States. Though originally known as Zona the town got its current name after a developer, Randolph P. Davie. The town of Davie is quite popular because of its ‘western’ touch in everything, which makes it different from other towns of Florida. This may be because it was founded by settlers comprising of ranchers and herdsmen. So don’t get surprised if you see men on horseback in the town of Davie, as most of the people own horses.

Davie is home to some great restaurants that offers a wide selection of dining choices. Each and every Davie restaurant serves luscious and lip-smacking dishes reflecting its diverse ethnicity which includes Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian and Portuguese. Some of the popular restaurants in Davie are Tower Pizza & Restaurant, Bennigan’s, Pink Buddha Chinese Restaurant and Chicken Kitchen for Pizza, Hamburgers, Chinese and American cuisines respectively. Let’s check out some of the important features of these restaurants.

Bennigan’s is a family restaurant with a special menu for kids. It serves classic American cuisine with a touch of Irish flavor. The atmosphere is Irish and the popular dishes include Irish Haystack (battered and fried red onions), Calamari, Wings and Caribbean Crab Cakes.

Pink Buddha Chinese Restaurant is a must go restaurant for delicious Chinese food. The noodles that they serve are prepared by them. Their specialty is, you guessed right, Dim Sum.

Chicken Kitchen is an American restaurant with a great atmosphere and friendly staff. As the name itself suggests, it doles out different varieties and flavors of chicken dishes.

Tower Pizza & Restaurant is a nice local restaurant with comfortable atmosphere and good service. It is a kid friendly restaurant and has enough parking area.

So whenever you are in Davie don’t forget to visit any of these Davie restaurants.

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