Steak is a meat plate made from thinly chopped or ground raw beef or horse meat. Steak can also be made by thinly slicing a high grade of meat such as strip steak, marinating it in wine or added spirits and spicing it to taste, and then distressing it. It is often served with onions, capers and seasonings and occasionally with a raw egg, and usually served on rye bread. The word is derived from the name Tartars or Tatars, a cultural people from Eastern Europe and few parts of Asia.

Be alert!!

Health concerns have compact the popularity of this meat dish because of the danger of infectivity by bacteria and parasites. The Mexican style of steak tartare naturally marinates the meat in lime juice, in the manner of ceviche, which has the outcome of disinfecting the meat to a positive extent.

Why it’s special?

Steak is now taken as a foodie dish. It is especially trendy in Belgium, Netherlands, Northern Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. In Belgium, another type is known as American Fillet. It is eaten as a main course, normally accompanied with toast or French fries. The preparation of meat is either done by the table-side, waiter, or by the customers themselves. A fresh green salad may be served in the summer months to add an extra freshness to the dish.

Make your Christmas as you wish…

Preparation is the way of success. When you are hosting the Christmas dinner, start your preparations before time. Time pressures are destroy the fun of making these particular days into something memorable, and increase the chance you overlook crucial items.
What we eat at Christmas is often the tradition recipes we got from our heredity, and that they have learned from their heredity. Tradition can be a fantastic thing. Still you can add to it by making adjustments do some fine-tuning or develop on these old dishes. In the old days we were used to having serious, fat rich foods, but the quantity of "extras" was limited.
These days we can have the goodies all day long if we want, and a really weighty dinner doesn't taste as good as we consider.
It's this time of year once again, just a few weeks to go and we make a bright start in 2009. Special weeks call for extraordinary steak, seafood and meat recipes.
Good Food, togetherness and family are the ingredients for a great holiday season. Since there are only a few weeks left before the season sets off, we organized a Holiday special.
Cooking the ideal steak can be a challenge, even for top class chef. That’s because slighter cuts of meat can dry out simply or cook too quickly so they become dry, tough or leathery. We advise using a heavy frying pan or griddle (ridged pan) slightly than an electric grill as you can control the temperature more simply. Due to the width of these steaks, they require a little longer cooking time.
The flavor is in the fat. Marbled meat is necessary for quality. The fat in the marbling dissolves during cooking, leaving you with a delicious steak. This is essential cookery and should be understandable to any decent chef.

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