Preparing Steak Cuts

Given the large number of dishes that consist of steaks it only goes natural that the meat cuts required for their making be just as diverse. Though there are common steak cuts to be used for several varieties, the meat processing mode is essential for the taste and the flavor of any gastronomic trial. The dimensions of the steak cuts and the type of meat fibers very much influence the cooking time; lasting from a few minutes to several hours, meat cooking is a true art. For the rare steak type, only think steak cuts are preferable, since they only roast at the surface, leaving the center red and juicy.

On the other hand, if you want the meat well done, then thinner steak cuts are used and the time of cooking is increased, until the meat feels firm when pressed with the back of the fork. Since red beef and pork raise the issue of tenderizing, it goes without saying that some special steak cuts are required for the matter. There are special cuts like the T-bone that includes a loin section which is a lot tenderer than any other. Considered high quality specialties, this kind of steak will be a lot more expensive whether you serve it at the restaurant or prepare it at home.

Besides T-bone steak cuts, one other super piece of meat is the tenderloin or the beef filet mignon. How can one recognize such quality beef by a mere look? Well, the fiber has a very delicate appearance, with fine marble textures in the structure. This is the type of beef that makes the best choice for preparing Porterhouse steak. Club and ribs are other possible steak cuts praised for making truly delicious meals. For instance, rib steaks are a little fatter than the clubs and a bit different in texture and taste due to the flavor coming from the rib section.

The sirloin steak cuts are the largest you can find on the market, serving well for parties and large family dinners. There is a small amount of wedge bone also included in it, but that only adds flavor to the steak; generally the sirloin is available in various shapes also depending on the bone size. Such steak cuts are usually available with a thickness between one and three inches depending on how well you want to cook it. A good suggestion for preparing the thinner cuts is pan broiling with spices and garlic sauce, but there are other great recipes that also work very well.

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