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The original specificity of a steakhouse was beef steaks from a wide range of cuisines, but due to the modern diversity of taste and the variety of individual preferences, many restaurants that are labeled as steakhouse now serve all kinds of meat dishes. It is not even uncommon to have pasta or seafood instead of the traditional steak. Nevertheless, the true traditional spirit survives not only in the quality of the food, but also in the way of attending customers and even in the design of a steakhouse. Technical advantages in a warm and cozy place: these are the elements that make the perfect combination for a casual restaurant.

Certain steakhouses are specialized on barbecues, some dishes are ready made, some others are prepared on the client's order, but the cooking style is the one that has the final word in the matter. Some countries from South America trace the origin of the steakhouse to the fireside roads of the local inhabitants and people who spent lots of time in the open air such as shepherds. In some parts of the world, beef remains without competition in the orders of a steakhouse; the preference is justified by the healthy nutritional value this type of meat shares.

Sometimes special dishes found in the menu of a traditional steakhouse include poultry such as duck with pineapple for instance; not to mention another unique combination such as that of sausages and fish, which are equally peculiar for anyone who'd expect just steak to be served on the premises of the establishment. Presently, the best accessible food offer you can get when traveling on a busy road, usually comes from a steakhouse; there are chains of restaurants developed around forms of traditional cooking that are considered semi-formal or casual not as much in presentation, as in the dish scores.

Salads, toppings, seasonings and many others are very often on the house, and you can truly delight in choosing from an extremely wide offer. A very good example of a well-reputed American steakhouse chain is Steak and Ale, with restaurants opened everywhere around the country in dozens of private locations and under lease contracts. Great food standards, an impeccable service quality as well as the pleasant atmosphere makes steak serving even more pleasant; many people are even surprised to discover how many different recipes are available for a "simple" type of food as steak seems to be.

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