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Steak is one of the common elements of international cuisine, regardless of its specificity; the only variations are those related to cooking modes and seasonings. The uniqueness of the steak recipes is actually given by that one ingredient that makes a dish different from another one in almost all aspects, since taste change is actually the rule that governs gastronomy in general. Furthermore, dressings, sauces, salads and side dishes contribute to the differentiation of steak recipes; it is one thing to fry beef and serve it as such, and it is something else to add raw vegetables and let them sear together.

Then, we could easily say that beef is to the western world, what lamb is to the eastern one; but steak recipes for such kinds of meat have common points that cannot be ignored. For instance, adding wine when cooking meat is perhaps among the most frequent shortcuts taken to enhance flavor and speed up the tenderizing process of the muscular fiber. Steak recipes that rely on red wine usually require laurel leaves, green and black pepper beans as well as several cloves of fresh garlic. Take one of these ingredients out and the taste will not be the same.

Preparing steak recipes with white dressings is another common element of most cuisines: sour cream, milk and flour are basic ingredients while the spices and the preparation specificity differ. Such steak recipes are ideal for any meat lovers as they can be prepared rare or well done, grilled or broiled. What it truly matters for the success of all steak recipes is the quality of the meat used; hence, fresh meat is definitely preferable to the frozen or semi-processed one. Try cooking the steak recipes at the microwave as little as possible since the flavor is not the same as food prepared directly on the stove or over a coal fire.

As for the possibility of learning new steak recipes, the Internet is probably the most comprehensive source of information since it provides more complex data than any authentic cooking book. When accessing gastronomic pages online, you'll also find some steak recipes specific to other cuisines than the one you are used to; this is a good way of preparing a surprise for the family or a romantic dinner for your partner. Always be careful with the ingredient dosage; generally speaking, all steak recipes indicate the number of people the dish is meant for. If you are fewer than that, try to adjust the spice quantities yourself as they are the most likely to influence flavor.

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