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Chicago’s tradition of Delivering the Worlds Finest Beef started in 1864…with the birth of the Chicago Union Stockyards. Some of America’s largest beef companies such as Swift, Morris and Hammond at the turn of the century produced 82% of the meat consumed in the United States . In 1882 Gustavas Swift created the first refrigerated car allowing it to be possible to ship the best cuts of steak coast to coast. Chicago’s meat packing companies pioneered assembly line production decades before Henry Ford’s Model T.
Today, Chicago Steak Company is proud to continue the long and rich tradition of delivering Midwestern corn-fed beef to our clients. We are also proud to have generations of America’s greatest butchers producing our steaks. Our juicy steaks must pass many quality and safety inspections or they do not get branded by the Chicago Steak Company. We guarantee that these succulent steaks are the finest in every way, from marbling to packaging. We also guarantee that our steaks are aged for no less than 28 days to ensure maximum flavor. Our promise of excellence guarantees that we are Delivering the World’s Finest Beef. There's nothing better than a juicy, flavorful, melt-in-your mouth, grilled steak that cuts like a "hot knife through butter". Our Premium USDA Choice steaks are popular not only in flavor and texture, but they are also affordable. Mychicagosteak is an online store offering quality steaks, meats, pork, veal, lamb and seafood. Log in and shop online and your order gets delivered right to your door. Also gift certificates available. Our Filet Mignon steaks are slowly wet-aged for a tenderness that you can cut with a fork. If you have not yet tasted the difference of a Chicago Steak Company filet mignon now is the perfect time. Treat yourself to restaurant quality meats and kobe beef. A legendary cut, this Ribeye is packed with a meaty, prime rib flavor that you only get with Ribeye steaks. Meaty, yet melt in your mouth buttery, the Ribeye is not to be missed. Like all our steaks, our Ribeye has been meticulously wet aged to perfection and painstakingly inspected for color, marbling, texture, tenderness, and flavor. Only the finest cuts make it past our rigorous quality inspections. The T-Bone has always been a favorite of steak lovers not only for having a size that will satisfy any appetite but for having two different cuts all in one steak. We age our T-Bones to perfection to ensure that each side exhibits the best characteristics of each unique cut. Chicago Steak Company Delivers the World's Finest Beef. To compliment our 28 day, aged to perfection, USDA Prime, Black Angus, and Premium Steaks, we offer to you the best seafood straight from its source - including Crab Cakes from Maryland, King Crab Legs from Alaska, and Live Lobster and Lobster Tails from Maine. To ensure that our seafood is delivered to you at the highest level of quality we have arranged for all of our seafood to be shipped directly to you from the source. For more information about us just visit at

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