The Slice of Meat Called Steak

According the wikipedia, a steak can be defined as a "slice of a large piece of meat, typically of beef, red meat or fish". However, a steak is an ultimate form of meat, with a lavish perceived tenderness, just the kind of thing that has watered the mouths of generations all the way from French kings to contemporary Americans. Since it is cut and served wholly, usually the choicest and the fleshiest parts of the animal are cut into steaks and are hence expensive relating to a certain level of affluence and pomposity, the stuff of merrymaking, celebrations or plain indulgence.

While steaks are typically grilled here in America, they can be pan-fried or even broiled, marinated and cooked as exotic dishes or they can be just roasted out in an open barbeque. No matter how it is done, it can only reek of titillating taste that can linger like a heavenly after-thought. Different steaks, cooked in different possible ways, to varying degrees of cooking, steaks have been and will remain a culinary delight; a connoisseur's obsession.

The types of steak can be mind-boggling ranging from Chateaubriand Steak, to even more exotic ones like Shark Steak or Carpetbag Steak.

Degree of Cooking: Choice of meat's heat!
To what degree steaks are cooked is entirely a personal preference. You would normally notice this as you place an order when the maitre d' or one of the waiters would ask for your choice in the order of least cooked to well-cooked :

-Raw or Uncooked: Steak is rarely eaten or ordered at this stage; however, it might be served in some exotic and special dishes. Steak tar tare, for example, is actually seasoned ground beef with egg, either whole or whipped.

-Very Rare (Blue Rare): Steak retains much of the redness with the outside scorched and the inside is just warmed.

-Rare: Cooked on the outside (grey-brown) and very pink on the inside, centre of the steak is red.

-Medium Rare: Appears cooked on the outside and pink on the insides and the center.

-Medium: Appears cooked on the outside (grey-brown), slightly pink on the inside.

-Medium Well: Appears well-cooked (grayish-brown) with traces of pink. The steaks tend to be dry and devoid of juices.

-Well-done: Chewy and dry, grey brown through-out.

Armed with this knowledge maybe you could choose your favorite dishes much better and allow you to wallow in the ecstasy of the lingering taste of your delicious steak.

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