Recipe For Cooking Steaks

Whichever be your preference in terms of meat type, there are general lines to follow when cooking steaks; if you have basic knowledge about how meat behaves in dishes, then, there is no big deal about preparing some extremely delicious steaks. Depending on the texture of the fiber you will have to tenderize some by pounding. This is usually the case with pork and beef, while chicken does not require any special treatment whatsoever to improve softness.

For increased flavor and a very soft steak, there is one thing you could use for red meat in general. Before actually cooking steaks, leave the cuts in a vessel where you've prepared a mixture of red wine, water and a little oil. High quality apple vinegar could successfully replace wine, and seasonings are an absolute must: pepper, garlic and basil will give a subtle aroma to the mixture. Afterwards, keep the meat in this mixture for at least two hours before cooking steaks.

Another great recipe for cooking steaks uses a special marinade to prepare beef for grill. This time you will need some marinated artichokes heats, Dijon mustard and basil. Use the marinade resulted from draining the artichokes hearts, mix it with the Dijon mustard and the seasonings and add the the beef. This time, the marination period is a bit longer going from six to even eight hours. Therefore, it is much easier to prepare the combination and leave the meat overnight to tenderize and get a great flavor.

A good tip for cooking steaks is to make small stabs in the meat before seasoning; the spices will get inside these channels created in the fiber and when the internal juices get to the surface the taste will be truly delicious. Depending on the way you choose to prepare the steaks there are several ways of making sure that it is tender enough; for instance you can rely on steam effects for instance, making sure that the dish you want to serve is not rare.

When cooking steaks for friends or relatives, it is good to know what their preference are, since most people don't like too well-done steak. In order not to overcook, you could use a very quick fire and keep an eye on the watch to make sure you the grilling or broiling period is not too extended. Furthermore, the thickness of the meat also influences the cooking speed enabling to make great rarer steaks in a shorter period of time. Bon appetit!

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