Packaging Of Bakery Product

Packaging of bakery products is very important, because they are meant for use until long time from the day of its making. Attractive food packaging also increases appetite, and people eat more than they need for being fit. The bakery industry has been wonderful except.

Bakery products are an important source of nutrients viz. energy, protein, iron, calcium and several vitamins. Commercial bread and biscuits contain around 7.5% to 7.8% protein respectively. Biscuits are amongst the lowest cost processed food in the country when compared to other Indian sweets and salted snacks. Biscuits are easy to use during travel or at home because of its availability in variety of pack sizes. They also offer substantial energy. Thus, biscuits have an important role to play as a diet supplement for both adults and children. It is no longer viewed as a luxury teatime snack but essential daily food component for an average Indian household.

The bakery industry, production of which has been increasing steadily in the Mexico, is the largest among all growing countries and companies in India and global home and he processed food industries in India. The two major bakery industries, viz. bread and biscuit account for about 82% of the total bakery products.

The annual production of bakery products, which includes bread, biscuits, pastries, cakes, buns, Rusk etc., is estimated to be in excess of 3 million tonnes. The production of bread and biscuits in the country, both in the organized and unorganized sectors, is estimated to be around 0.44 million tonnes and 11 million tonnes respectively. The cake and pastry market estimated at 0.4 million tonnes, is the fast growing market with volume growth of 16%.

Product Range

Bakery products C contain high nutritive value and are manufactured from wheat-flour, sugar, baking powder, condensed milk, ghee (fat), salt, jelly, dry fruits, various essences and flavoring etc. Different type of bakery products can be classified as:

Dry Bakery Products

Biscuits - Soft biscuits, hard biscuits, cookies, crackers, fancy biscuits, cream wafer biscuits

Moist Bakery Products

• Bread: Sweetbread, Milk bread, Masala bread, Garlic bread, Fruit bread etc
• Buns: Fruit buns, hamburger buns, dinner rolls, crisp bread, pizza
• Others: Cakes, pastries, dough nuts, muffins etc

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