How To Make A Cuban Sandwich Recipe

A Cuban sandwich is made up of rolls instead of normal bread and has almost four to five fillings in the sides of the rolls. As the name suggests it is famous in the parts of Cuba and Southern Florida. The Cuban sandwich consists mainly of ham, cheese, and many other variations of other ingredients. The sandwich is also known as cubano, or mixto sandwich in Cuba. This absolutely delicious grilled sandwich is made with pork, ham, pickles, Swiss cheese, Cuban bread and mustard. The roasted pork makes it more delicious.

Many of the restaurants are famous for serving the Cuban sandwich with variations in the ingredients. The traditional Cuban sandwich can be prepared by following the given recipe. The basic requirements for this sandwich are as follows;
* One loaf of Cuban bread. It is available through out the city and in the suburbs. Else, the French or Italian bread could serve as other substitutions.
* One pound of ham. It should be nicely cooked and sliced.
* One pound of roasted pork. It should also be cooked and sliced.
* Half pound of Swiss cheese nicely sliced.
* Sliced dill pickles
* Yellow mustard

When all these ingredients are ready, you can start immediately to make lovely sandwiches. Just you need to follow this authentic Cuban Sandwich Recipe.

* Preheat a frying pan or a griddle on medium heat.
* The Cuban bread should be cut into quarters and then slice each quarter lengthwise in half pieces.
* Spread the yellow mustard on it evenly.
* After spreading the mustard on the base of the bread, make each sandwich by layering the dill pickles, roasted pork, ham and cheese.
* Once the sandwich is well stuffed with all these ingredients then, lightly coat the cooking surface of the griddle with either cooking spray or butter.
* Place the sandwich on the hot surface of the griddle.
* The skillet is then placed on the sandwich to even it out. The original size of the bread is reduced to 1/3 by pressing it.
* Leave the skillet on top of the sandwich and grill for one or two minutes. After one side is heated then turn over the side to repeat the same process on the other side.
* When the bread becomes golden brown, and the cheese melts down slice each of the sandwich in half and serve it.

This is the simplest Cuban sandwich recipe followed by many of the homemakers. The ingredients differ in the way it is prepared in their local city. Like the salami is left out in Miami, and mayonnaise along with lettuce, and tomato is included in the restaurants of Key West areas. They mostly serve as the meal for many people and so are very popular and easily available through out the city. They are served either hot or cold depending on the individual’s choice. The Cuban sandwich recipe can be very easily followed and sandwiches be prepared by anyone at home.

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