How To Make Pulled Pork Sandwich

The pulled pork sandwich is one of the famous categories in sandwiches for non-vegetarian lovers. Pork is pig’s meat and in making the pulled pork sandwich, usually the meat of the pig’s shoulder is used as it has lots of fat. The pulled pork sandwich is usually a favorite dish for the winters. It is warm and spicy and can be enjoyed during the winter season. It is a slow cooked dish and takes lot of time for its preparation.

The pulled pork sandwich is made out of buns rather than that of the normal white breads or the sandwich breads. The sauce gets easily soaked up in the hamburger buns. Now there are many varieties of recipes available for the creation of the pulled pork sandwich. One of them which includes almost all the necessary ingredients are the

* 1 large onion chopped
* 1 pickled jalapeno pepper that are seeded and chopped
* 2 tablespoon Dijon mustard
* 1 tablespoon tomato paste
* 2 teaspoons of Chipotle chile powder
* 6 garlic cloves that are well peeled
* ¾ cup of distilled white vinegar
* 1 teaspoon paprika
* hamburger buns
* 3 lbs of pork butt shoulder, which is nicely roasted and trimmed of excess fat
* 1 bay leaf
* Salt for taste

The method of preparing a pulled pork sandwich is very simple and can be easily followed. When all the ingredients are ready then the initial thing to be done is make a puree of all the sauce ingredients. In this puree the pork, the hamburger buns and the bay leaf should not be included. This puree can be smoothed in a blender. If you have pre plans of making the pulled pork sandwich then marinate the pork in the sauce for several hours before cooking.

The next step would be adding the pork, bay leaf and the sauce in a huge pot together with one quart of water. Boil the entire mixture until the pork becomes very tender, i.e. until the forks or the hands can pull the meat apart. After removing it from the heat, cook the pork in the sauce. When the whole mixture cools down, separate the pork from the sauce, then make fine pieces of the pork, and keep it aside.

When this step is over, take the previous sauce and reduce it to one third of the original quantity. The pork should be added once again to the one-third quantity of sauce and add little bit salt for the taste. Just before the serving, remove the bay leaf and serve it over open –face hamburger buns. The quantity that was mentioned for the ingredients takes up 6 to 8 servings. There are many different types in this category, like the slow roasted pulled pork, and then the Carolina pulled pork, oven roasted pulled pork and barbecued pulled pork sandwich.

Thus, the pulled pork sandwich is one of the delicious and most versatile meals. The toppings can be altered depending up on individuals taste and any herb or spice can be preferred with the sandwich.

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