Slow Cooked Ribs

Salt and pepper White vinegar
Barbecue sauce -- tomato Sparkling water

Season whole uncut slabs of pork ribs with salt and pepper, cook slowly in
a smoker using low heat (220 Maximum) for two hours. Then baste ribs with a
mix of equal parts tomato-based barbeque sauce, white vinegar, and
sparkling water every half hour the next three hours. For the final hour of
cooking, change the baste to a mix of equal parts barbeque sauce and
sparkling water. The ribs will have cooked a total of six hours. Serve with
plenty of sauce on the side.
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Southern Spareribs

6 lb Ribs 3 tb Soy sauce
1 c Ketchup 1 ts Salt
1/2 c Brown sugar 1 c Dr. pepper
1/4 c Honey

Use 8 lbs. charcoal, 4 qts. hot water and 3 sticks wood and smoke 2-1/2 to
3-1/2 hrs.

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