BBQ Beef Any Time Of Year

The word beef and the word barbeque are hard to part when it comes to summer time grilling. It doesn't matter if you are grilling steak, burgers or beef dogs, nothing beats the great taste of barbecued beef.

However, when it is the middle of winter, and you have a craving for barbeque beef, there are ways to cook it to satisfy that barbeque craving. There are many recipes that are available in bookstores and on the Internet that allow you to cook barbequed food in a slow cooker, and they will have the same flavor as they would if they were cooked on an outdoor grill.

There is one way to make beef dogs that every child and child at heart will love. It has proven to be a hit with everyone for many years.

Get your beef dogs and slice them from top to bottom. Make the cut about half way deep and fill the dogs with thin slices of cheese. As an alternative you can fill them with minced onion although a lot of children do not like the taste of onions. Wrap a strip of bacon around your dogs and you are ready to go. Place them either on your grill or in the oven. You will know when your dog is done because the cheese will ooze out of them. Put them on buns and you have a great treat that will please kids, both big and small.

To avoid the dangers of food poisoning you should take precautions when cooking raw meat. Every year thousands are taken seriously ill after eating food from the barbeque.

Never use a barbeque sauce on raw meat. Barbeque sauce will seal the meat, making it impossible for the flavor of the barbeque to absorb into the meat. By using a brush to apply the sauce, you will cross contaminate the sauce and brush, and apply the bacteria back to the meat, risking illness.

Some long time grillers and many competition grillers put their dry rub onto the meat before grilling as they argue it gives the best flavor while others will advocate using liquid smoke for best results. Yet others will say use salt, celery, onion and countless other methods. Try your own ideas and see what works for you as the taste is in the taster. What may be a great taste for one person might not work for another.

Many grillers heat their sauce and then apply it to the beef when it has been cooking for a while. By doing this you can eliminate some of the time it takes for the meat to reach the required temperature.

Another tip for your bbq beef is to allow it to stand for a while to allow it to finish cooking, about 15 minutes is enough. This will seal in the juices and make cutting the beef much easier.

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