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The beef can be almost the same softness as veal, or, on the contrary, very rigid - all depends on breed of the animal, its age and specificity of the muscles chosen for preparation. Muscles of a mature animal have larger fibres and stronger connecting fabrics in comparison with muscles of young bull calf. Therefore the beef is potentially more rigid than veal. If you familiar with beef parts, you can easily determine the best use of beef part in cooking. There are eight major beef cuts. Remember, each part has its special tastes, therefore careful selection of recipes combined with knowledge of beef cuts is important.

Always choose quality organic beef. Natural beef will improve taste qualities of your dish. In Northern America, Australia and Argentina, for example, beef is made as a result of highly productive meat breeds, grazed by huge herds on fenced pastures. In the European countries rather small farms combine manufacture of meat with manufacture of milk. This helps to assure high quality standards of organic beef.

If you like to cook meat, like I do -- you know how important to have the right cut of beef before you even start cooking. Rich flavor of cooked beef depends on fat in the meat's muscle, while tenderness comes from different cooking methods (slow or fast cooking, dry heat or wet heat). Want to cook meat professionally? All you need is to control the loss of moisture in meat while cooking. Usually short stage and high temperature cooking is perfect for beef, especially steaks.

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