Requirements for Kosher Meat

Meat tagged as kosher has changed from a conventional style of viewpoint. The word "kosher" is originated from the Hebrew phrase meaning fit, properly prepared or clean. Kosher standpoint primarily has it sources in the dietary code of Jewish laws revealed in the books of Holy Scriptures. Later, the same knowledge was documented in the Talmud, a set of ancient writings, which served as the basis of spiritual authority for customary Judaism.

Next, abiding by the rules portrayed in the Talmud, one can ensure that the kosher meat is religiously clean and suitable for eating. In addition, the Jewish people have certain requirements for a meat to be kosher.

For preparing a kosher meat, first it is necessary to consider only those animals, which have fragmented hooves and chew their own cuds. Hence, sheep and cattle are the main domestic animals considered for kosher meats. Generally, hogs are avoided, since they do not chew their cuds. It is a customized tradition that kosher butchering has to be performed by a personally trained expert of Jewish dietetic laws.

After kosher butchering, it is necessary to clean the meat, so that it becomes suitable for consumption. The method of koshering eliminates any bloodstain, remains on the meat. First, arteries, veins and certain unacceptable fats have to be eliminated by a highly skilled kosher butcher. After eliminating these, the meat has to be soaked in cold water followed by draining for a certain period for excluding the blood from the kosher meat.

Refined kosher meats cannot comprise of daily products. For example, one cannot use dairy-based meat or milk proteins in kosher meats. Another requirement is that, one has to make use of only non-meat ingredients in the refined kosher meat products.

Other Requirements:

Apart from the aforementioned requirements, there are certain other requirements to consider a meat as kosher:

1.All blood has to be completely drained off or broiled before the intake of meat
2.Fruits and vegetables have to be free of insects
3.One cannot consume this meat with dairy products or fish
4.Utensils used for preparing the meat cannot be used for any other purposes
5.Utensils used for preparing other foods cannot be used for preparing kosher meats

Different types of kosher meats are: kosher lambs, Kosher Veal, Kosher turkey and more.

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