Having A Fun Clambake At Home

One of the best highlights of summer would be having fun with family and friends outdoors. With this in mind, why don't you hold out your own clambake? Just picture the tempting seafood cooked over a fire, exotic drinks, relaxing music, and brightly colored decors - you and your loved ones will surely have the best time in the world.

But what happens when the weather is not good for outdoor partying? Would your plans of a great clambake be useless? Actually, no, because you can still have your clambake feast indoors! Yes, a clambake at home. It's just the perfect, fun, simple and healthy way to entertain your guests.

Instead of having the same old clambake, think of having a super deluxe clambake which will surely make your guests happy as it comprises a variety of foods. Just buy some fresh shellfish, clams, live lobster, mussels, shrimp and if you want, some crabs. You can also consider having clam chowder or lobster bisque with corn on the cob and some roasted potatoes.

Aside from the food for your super deluxe clambake at home party, you will also want to purchase bibs for your guests, claw crackers, table napkins, and a good supply of wet towlettes. Eating seafood can get pretty messy, so better be ready.

You are probably wondering how you can have an indoor clambake, when the clams and other seafood in a clambake are traditionally cooked in a pit over an open fire. For this super deluxe clambake, you will be doing all of the cooking on traditional indoor stove tops.

Just have a large stock pot on hand and you're ready to go. Stock pots are available in various sizes and some even come with a basket and a steamer rack. A number of cooking stores and Internet shops sell these things so there's no need for you to worry. And while you're looking for that stock pot on the Internet, you can also browse many good clambake recipes for indoor cooking.

There are also many super deluxe clambake kits available that would surely help make your clambake preparation a lot easier. Most of these kits usually have everything you need like cloth napkins, wet naps, claw crackers, and the food itself. These helpful kits are also found on the Internet. With these things, all you need to do is to purchase fresh vegetables and you're all set for a clambake party.

Just because you can't have your super deluxe clambake party outdoors, it doesn't necessarily mean that your party is bound to be boring. Simply use your creativity and you'll be sure that you and your guests will have the most fun clambake at home party.

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