Make tofu feel like meat

The research will help you identify which brand is good for what type of food. This is why you will need some time to orient yourself and learn the properties of some of the varieties available.

Generally, the softer the tofu, the less fat it has. However, like regular cooking, it will take some time to master the tricks involved.
It is one of the most classic of cookbooks and is widely known by vegetarian chefs everywhere. It is lower in sodium and saturated fat than meat and is cholesterol-free.
This is because the more water removed the more absorbent it will become and hence, more tastier when cooked in any gravy. The Harder the Tofu, the Better It Is for Cooking
Between the two types of tofu, the harder version is better for cooking because it has less water content.

Tofu Cookery includes step by step 200 recipes including old favorites and newer updated ones to reflect our more health conscious society. Tofu is made of soybean curd, and is a quick addition to dishes and main courses.

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