Secret Cola Glazed Ham Recipe

Guaranteed no one knows how you get your ham so sweet and delectable. Keep them guessing and no one will be able to figure it out. Your holiday dinner will be the hit of the season and no one will know how you do it. Cola glazed ham is one of those recipes that people would be shocked to know you use. It's like putting beer in your chili. There is a unique taste but no one can pinpoint exactly what it is.

Ham is best when it is glazed with a sweet glaze that balances the saltiness of the ham perfectly. There are many different glazes that can be prepared for ham. Most of them make use of a sweet ingredient like honey. Cola glazed ham makes the list of top recipes. But very often it's the honey and the clove glazed ham that makes the holiday table. It is your secret what sweet ingredient you used on your sweetly glazed ham. Many people add a bit of mustard to the glaze to give it an extra added kick. This compliments the glaze nicely and won't be overpoweringly sweet. For a unique cola glazed ham, try cherry cola and add some pineapple and cherries to your ham.

A sweet glazed ham like a cola glazed ham is the traditional way to glaze a ham. However, some people choose to glaze a ham with a spicy mustard or chili. It all depends on your family's preference.

For the perfect side dish to your cola glazed ham, try some fried apples to make a nice accompaniment to the ham. Asparagus and potatoes prepared with a cheese sauce go very nicely with ham. Remember you will probably have plenty of leftovers so your ham should be nicely glazed for sandwiches.

There are many casseroles that you can prepare when your holiday meal is over. Ham that is married with baked macaroni and cheese and peas is a wonderful way to use up some of your leftover ham. The sweetness of the ham is a nice way to kick up some simple foods like macaroni and cheese. You can also add your ham to a potato casserole and it will be equally delicious. Try making some ham salad from your leftovers and your ham salad will be sweet and yummy in a ham salad sandwich.

There are many uses for the leftover cola glazed ham after the holiday is over. Try mixing them up with some unique ingredients for a holiday flair for days after.

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