Homemade Lobster Clambake

It was during the era of Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts when settlers noticed the Native Americans' unique method of cooking seafood over seaweed and hot stones in a pit. It was during this period when the renowned New England clambake was born. Though it may have originated in New England, the lobster clambake has become a fun summer tradition all over the United States. It is made possible by the convenient and fast shipping of Maine live lobster anywhere in the country, thanks to the Internet.

The main stars of the clambake are of course, the lobsters. They come in many sizes - the smallest kinds which weigh around 1 - 1.25 pounds are called the chickens, 1.25-pound lobsters are called Quarter, and 1.20-pound are Half lobsters. Those people who have small appetites will be glad with chicken types to be served with another main course. However, for those who prefer to have a hearty meal, they'll be happier with Quarter or Half lobsters.

Shellfish and clams also have several different types. But before you get confused on which types to choose, any shellfish will actually go well with lobster bisque. And if you really want the best authentic clambake, then have the New England steamer clams instead. These so-called steamers are large and have really soft shells. One pound of clams is recommended for each individual.

New England clambakes are most often served with corn on the cob and red bliss potatoes. They add to the delicious distinct flavor and presentation of the clambake. Both can be steamed, boiled or grilled in a similar fashion to the lobsters and steamers.

Clambakes have historically been cooked in holes dug in the sand with seaweed and hot stones. While this makes a nice presentation, the truth is that our typical ovens and pots do a much better job. The recommended way to cook live lobsters is to have them steamed. You're going to need a large pot, a steamer basket, and some salt.

Have the large pot filled with an approximate 1 and inches of water, and for every quart of water, add a tablespoon of salt. Before placing the lobsters in the steamer basket, bring the water to a boil first. And then place the steamer basket in the pot.

One-pounder lobsters should be cooked for approximately 12 minutes. A pound and a half lobsters should be cooked for around 15 minutes. Check the pot periodically to ensure that all the water has not boiled off and add more water while the lobsters are cooking if needed. Remove the lobsters and pull off one of their small legs. Break open the leg and test the meat to ensure that it is already cooked.

Adding shrimp, mussels and clam chowder will also make your clambake a delightful feast. Fresh vegetables will also enhance your presentation with a more healthy look. Your lovely lobster clambake is now all set to be enjoyed by your party guests.

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