Chocolate Pecan Pie

Food has always been a significant part of the holidays. Whether you are roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving, baking a ham for Christmas, or grilling hot dogs for the 4th of July, food stands out and has to be perfect when having the family or friends over for the holidays. Not only is turkey or ham important, dessert is also essential to the perfect holiday dinner. A chocolate pecan pie, for example, is a great and unexpected addition to a dessert table and changes an old favorite into a special treat that will be talked about all year.

Chocolate Pecan Pie for Independence Day

The 4th of July represents freedom, fireworks, and of course barbecues. When planning a summer time barbecue, hot dogs and hamburgers are the staple foods. You will also see many side dishes during an outdoor celebration, such as baked beans, coleslaw, and potato salad.

However, thinking of dessert you might picture pudding or ice cream to cool you off in the summer heat. But a chocolate pecan pie can be a perfect and unexpected treat during any barbecue. Putting the chocolate pecan pie in the fridge before serving will make it cold and even more delicious in the summer heat. Plus buying a chocolate pecan pie is a time saver since it will reduce your time in the kitchen and gives you more time outside to enjoy your friends and the summer sun.

Traditional Thanksgiving & the Chocolate Pecan Pie

When having the entire family over for Thanksgiving, you will be busy roasting the turkey and cooking the dressing. However, when thinking of dessert, why not buy a pie? The traditional pies, of course, are pumpkin and plain pecan but if you want a delicious pie the family will love having every year try something unique. A chocolate pecan pie can be that unique addition. Buying a tasty pie will give you more time, as well as relieving stress that the pie will be burnt and it will save your oven time for that mammoth turkey. A chocolate pecan pie tastes great with turkey, as well as other Thanksgiving favorites like cranberry sauce and green bean casserole.

Christmas Chocolate Pecan Pie

Christmas morning is always so exciting. Seeing presents surrounding the tree and watching the excitement of children and adults as they open their gifts is one of the nicest ways to spend any morning. But presents are just the beginning. After opening the presents, you need to have an amazing dinner.

While traditional Christmas dinners vary, most consist of ham, mashed potatoes, and similar comfort foods. However, that dinner needs a delicious dessert and those cups of eggnog need a tasty companion. Why not choose a chocolate pecan pie to fill that void? This pie will be a great replacement to fruitcake and will taste wonderful.

Holidays with Chocolate Pecan Pie

If you’ve never known the pleasure of a chocolate pecan pie, why not make it a new holiday tradition for your family.

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