Finding the Best Chocolate

Finding the best chocolate can be a fun and rewarding experience. Searching and trying all sorts of different kinds can be a tough task, but I am sure you are up to it. Although hundreds of different kinds of chocolate can be tasted I am going to share with you three of the best chocolates you can get. I know there are so many types, as milk, organic, belgian, and other gourmet chocolates, but this is just a few.

Best Chocolate in the World

First, the best dark chocolate in the world. The best ever is Chuao from Amedei Chocolates. An incredibly strong chocolate, It brings out all the intensity and complex character of the Chuao bean that is simply bliss. Amedei Chocolates was formed in 1990, by Cecilia and Alessio Tessieri. With great effort they have taken their family passed heritage to new heights through their carefulness nad research of the Chuao bean.

Next up is chocolate truffles. These are my favorite, especially the chocolate filled ones. Cherry filled ones are ok too. While technically not really a true best chocolate, truffles are a delicious treat that offer a unique take on traditional milk and dark chocolate. One personal favorite in this class is the Venchi Cubotto Chocaviar, which can be used for drink or additive to a dessert. It is really quite elogant in appearance.

Venchi’s truffles come from over 150 years of experience in the chocolate making craft. The Venchi chocolate making tradition started in 1878, with quality and freshness and the use of all natural ingredients at the forefront. These truffles are one of the best chocolates on the market today. Such truffles include the assorted truffles, the cocoa powdered truffle, and a host of white, dark, and milk chocolate bars. They have quite the assortment.

The last choice to look at is milk chocolate. If I could only have one it would be a milk chocolate from Jean Neuhaus. Jean moved to Brussels from his native Switzerland and opened a shop preparing medicines in 1857. In his shop he also prepared candies which soon replaced the medicines. It is from here that the best chocolate in the world now comes from, including the praline.What are your favorites? We could go on and on here. One of my favorites as well is the turtle praline with pecan and caramel overlayed with chocolate!

Everone has a favorite best chocolate of some type. I suppose though with all the various flavors, and types, and shapes. Sometimes the best chocolate in the world is that simple chocolate you had when you were a kid, like Hershey’s chcolate, and all you could think about was that certain chocolate bar. When I get my allowance I am heading straight for the candy shop and endulge! Mine was simple, and still is, the chocolate covered almond bar. I have tasted a lot of chocolate in my time, some good some bad, but mostly good. What’s your favorite?

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