A History of Chocolate

From the Nahuatl language of the

Aztecs of Mexico, the word

chocolate is derived for the word

xocolatl a combination of the

words, xocolli which means bitter

and atl which is water.

It has been suggested that the Spaniards

coined the word using the Maya

word chocol and replacing the Maya

term for water which was haa with

the Aztec word atl, therefore the

word chocolate. It is more likely

the term was created by the Aztecs

who had used the familiar Mayan

word for the "cacao" bean. The

first reports of chocolate to the

known world were when Cortes

reported the drink known as

xocolatl to the Spanish King.


An ancient Mayan pot found with

chocolate residue indicates the

Mayans drank chocolate 2,600 years

ago; this is the earliest record

of the use of cacao. The goddess

of fertility Xochiquetzal, was

associated with chocolate by the

Aztecs. The Aztecs drank a spicy,

bitter form of chocolate called

xocatl that was frequently

seasoned with vanilla, chili

pepper and annatto.

It was thought to fight fatigue

which could be because of the

theobromine content, which is

similar to caffeine. Throughout

pre-Columbian Mesoamerica

chocolate was a luxury and the

cacao beans were used as a form of

currency. Chocolate drinks were

also combined with maize starch

paste which thickened it, honey

and different fruits.


About 2/3s of the cocoa in the

world comes from West Africa, and

half of that is from the Ivory

Coast. As with many food

producers cocoa farmers are

controlled by the world market.

Prices can vary for $945.00 to

$5,672.00 a ton in just a couple

of years.

Cocoa farmers, unlike those who

invest in trading cocoa,

cant abandon their trees or reduce

production as easily as investors

can dump their stocks. It has been

stated that 90% of cocoa farms on

the Ivory Coast have resorted to

slave labor when prices drop in

order to remain in business.


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