Medical Applications of Chocolate

Mars, Incorporated which is a
candy company based in Virginia
spends millions each year on
flavonol research. Pharmaceutical
companies have been contacted to
license drugs using synthesized
cocoa flavonol molecules. Cocoa
based prescription drugs could
possible help diabetes, dementia
and other diseases; this is
according to researchers funded by
Mars at Harvard, the University of
California and several European
Theobromine, a substance in
chocolate, has been found to be
effective at treating persistent
coughing, nearly 1/3 more
effective than codeine which is
the leading cough medicine. The
throat also seems to be soothed
and moistened by the chocolate.
While there is no positive proof
that chocolate is an aphrodisiac,
it as been identified as one in
romantic lore for centuries. The
feeling causing the belief in
chocolate as an aphrodisiac is
most commonly associated with the
simple pleasure of eating
chocolate and may have created the
myth. Serotonin which is one of
the chemicals in chocolate,
especially phenethylamine, does
act as a mild sexual stimulant.
The belief has existed for years
that eating chocolate causes acne,
while in reality chocolate is high
in anti-oxidants which creates a
better complexion. In experiments
subjects were fed chocolate or a
bar with equal amounts of fat,
sugar etc. and found that
consumption of chocolate had no
effect on the development of acne.
It was shown that women who drink
3 or mores glasses of milk per day
were 22% more likely to develop
severe acne than women who drank
less milk, therefore, chocolate
bars with milk may contribute to
this belief. It is not the
chocolate but the milk it is mixed
with that may lead to acne.
Chocolate is believed to act as an
antiseptic, diuretic and pilatory
and has been used to treat many
illnesses including; burns,
coughs, listlessness, pregnancy
and even snake bite. Chocolate
stimulates the heart, kidneys and
the muscles and can relieve the
congestion of a cold by opening
the bronchial passages of the
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