When Its Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the few gifts with which the giver can visualize with some accuracy, the exact sensation that the receiver will experience when they indulge in it. It is a universal language that chocolate lovers across the world, speak and understand. Its very presence makes people smile, eyes glow and hearts beat faster. Its silent message speaks volumes, all in the moment it takes to acknowledge the sound of its tight snap and inhale the rich warming smell of roasted cacao, with whatever appropriate infusion the chocolatier has conceived and summoned into the realm of existence.

The possible flavors and textures of chocolate are endless, which, to the chocolate lover, only serves to add to the excitement. The prospect of discovering a new treat for the palette is like the lone explorer discovering new and unchartered territory which he must first explore before introducing it to the masses.

The lure to which you have no resistance, beckons you, its sentimental aroma oozing pure temptation as you attempt to walk by the chocolate store. You find yourself reasoning why you shouldn't give in on this occasion and balance your resolve with the conciliation that by the next time, you will have fully earned the right to visit and sample the delights to your heart's content (or maybe later today). And so you walk on by, head focused straight ahead as though you were trying to avoid eye contact with an unpopular acquaintance (or maybe that's just me).

However, I am a firm believer that there is a time for everything and with that, there is most definitely a time for chocolate and I refuse to make any apology for it.

It's that special time in the evening when you're relaxing alone, with family, good friends or with your sinificant other, bringing out and offering a chocolate treat, affirms to all, that you care for their company and appreciate them enough to want to make them feel good, if only for a short while. feel the atmosphere of the room lift in an instant, the aroused intrigue for what they are about to receive. 'What's in that one' (one will ask), 'that one looks nice' (says another) and for a moment in time, all cares are forgotten, all are united in one common interest, which is, to savor and enjoy the taste of a favorite flavor, the taste of which they are already sensing visually, aromatically and even mentally and when it finally reaches their taste buds, you will hear the sound of pure contentment, sounds like, 'ooohm', or 'oh yeah I like that one', or even, 'wow! Where did you get these?'..

You may wish to maintain the mystique and not divulge the source of your great find. You will be revered as a connoisseur, the one who knows were to find the good stuff, not just the regular cheap and cheerful candy from the corner store but the masterfully created and distinguishly presented quality fare that makes people say 'wow! That's what I call chocolate'.

And where do you find it? Well, you should be pleased to know that there are 100's of specialty chocolateirs around, all producing their own individual versions of this centuries old and much desired recipe. So don't just settle for the ordinary, take time out to sample and enjoy the extraordinary.

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