Shipping Chocolate - Important Considerations

Nothing tastes better, than a piece of delicious milk chocolate on a warm summer day. At Choconet we take pride in making sure your order of arrives at its destination, the same way that it leaves our facility….IN PERFECT CONDITION.

As you may well imagine, this becomes a challenge when the temperatures rise into the 70’s and above. People often overlook the fact that chocolate is perishable and starts to change consistency and starts to melt in the mid 70’s. Delivery trucks typically do not have air conditioning, thus the temperature in the non ventilated area is at least 15-25 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. What this will mean to your order of custom chocolate is that it will not be arriving the way you envision it, unless 2 steps are taken. Firstly, you need to choose an expedited method of shipping and an insulated cooler box with reusable ice packs. Our insulated cooler boxes with ice packs will keep the product from melting for up to 48 hours, thus either 1 or 2 day delivery service needs to be chosen for the product to arrive in perfect shape. Another step that can be taken is to have the chocolate delivered to a business address, where it can be signed for and stored properly. Remember, that if you have the chocolate coming to your home address, and you are not going to be home to sign for it, all of the above mentioned steps to insure the product arrives in good shape may be wasted. The reason being is that the carton, although insulated and packed with ice, will now be left outside (possibly in direct sun light) to melt. We can not be held responsible if this situation does occur. We do our very best to get you your order in perfect condition but we can not control or be held responsible if the chocolate is left at a residential address exposed to the elements for any length of time.

We do not ship any chocolate orders over the weekend from May- Sept., unless you are choosing Next Day Air SATURDAY DELIVERY. The reason for this is that all of the common carriers (UPS, FEDEX, DHL) will store orders shipped on Friday for Monday or Tuesday delivery in a non air conditioned trailer. This is equivalent to putting the boxes in to an oven where the temperature will be over 100 degrees in the trailer. No cooler box with ice packs will protect anything perishable from a situation like that.
If you are not sure about what method to choose for shipping when placing your online order, you can contact one of our knowledgeable chocolate consultants for assistance in choosing the correct method for your order. We are always striving for service excellence and we check the National weather map on a daily basis to make sure your order will arrive in perfect condition.

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