Bake a Chocolate Pecan Pie

You want a chocolate pecan pie but you don’t know whether to bake one from scratch or to buy one from a quality producer. That’s a big dilemma but one that could easily be solved after reviewing a few of the best reasons to buy not bake your next chocolate pecan pie.

Reason #1 to Buy Your Chocolate Pecan Pie: Convenience

Cooking a chocolate pecan pie can be time-consuming, challenging, and a bit messy. If you’ve ever made your own pecan pie, you already know what that involves and it doesn’t get any easier when you throw in some chocolate.

One of the biggest problems is the incredible stickiness of the corn syrup. Because of its high sweetness, if you get that syrup on anything it’s very hard to get rid of the sticky residue. Plus, most dishwashers seem to require multiple loads before they can get the remnants of the pie off your dishware.

When you buy a ready made chocolate pecan pie, you don’t have to worry about any of this. You just eat the pie, enjoy every sweet morsel, and throw the empty container away when it’s done. You may have a few sticky forks and a pie server that’s a bit of a challenge but that’s a pretty good bargain.

Reason #2 to Buy Your Chocolate Pecan Pie: Cost

While buying a pre-prepared food is usually going to cost a lot more, that’s not necessarily the case with a chocolate pecan pie. When it comes to traditional pies, these can be pretty pricey to make at home. The main reason is the cost of pecans. One pound bags of these in local supermarkets can cost as much as $7 to $9 and those aren’t even the best quality varieties.

Plus, you’ll need corn syrup, chocolate, a pie shell, and other ingredients which can further escalate the price.

Buying a chocolate pecan pie will probably cost you a bit more than a homemade one but if you also consider the time you’ll save by not doing the cooking or the shopping you’ll probably see that you’ve actually saved money in the long run.

Reason #3 to Buy Your Chocolate Pecan Pie: Taste

Pecan pies can be one of the trickier pies to cook and to cook well. With a chocolate pecan pie, you’ve got the extra pressure of perfectly melting your chocolate and that’s not something all cooks have mastered.

If you cook your chocolate pecan pie too long, the crust will darken too much and the pecans will be too hard to cut through when you’re eating. If you cook your chocolate pecan pie too little, you won’t have that perfect consistency in the lower layer. Because oven times and temperatures vary greatly, following a perfect recipe is no guarantee you’ll get a perfect pie.

To Buy or Not to Buy

When it comes down to buying or baking your next chocolate pecan pie, you’ve now clearly seen which choice is going to the most convenient, affordable, and delicious.

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