Chocolate Pecan Pie in a Nutshell

The chocolate pecan pie is a delicious Southern dessert, which branched off from the classic pecan pie. It is made of unsweetened chocolates and fresh halved pecans baked in a smooth custard filling on top of a pie crust.

The History

Although some authors say that the first recipe for the chocolate pecan pie was dated back to 1940, there are several accounts that date the first chocolate pecan pie to 1925. There is however no conclusive source as to who made this first recipe. No one knows exactly when chocolate was first mixed in a pecan pie nor does anyone know who created this irresistible concoction.

The 2 main ingredients of the chocolate pecan pie have interesting histories. Both are actually linked to life and the supernatural. Chocolate was first drunk by the Mayans and Aztecs for life and fertility. Cacao beans were then brought to Europe where several different uses were found for its seeds. It’s also quite interesting to know that pecans came from tall deciduous trees which were worshipped by some of the Native American tribes. Pecan trees were venerated as a symbol of the Great Spirit, who created all things.

The Ingredients

The ingredients of a chocolate pecan pie include halved pecans, unsweetened chocolate, eggs, butter, corn syrup, salt, vanilla extract, brown sugar, and a pie crust. Pretty much the same ones you would find in your normal pies, except that in this recipe, you include two of the richest flavors you can find in beans and nuts, chocolate and pecans. Once you have all these essentials, it’s going to be so easy to make your own wonderful style of chocolate pecan pie.

The Variants

Many modifications have been made to the chocolate pecan pie. Some add a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon for a little more zest. Those who want to intensify the essence of the chocolate and pecans in the pie put a dash of espresso or bourbon. Some even put in dark rum to lessen the natural sweetness of the pecan pie. There are even chocolate pecan pies which have bourbon vanilla sauces mixed with the filling. Whipped cream or vanilla ice cream could also be served with the chocolate pecan pie for a more colorful blend of flavors.

The Health Benefits

Chocolates and pecans are both known for their antioxidant activities. These 2 ingredients contain flavonoid, an anti-oxidant which reduces free radicals that are responsible for damage to the body. Chocolates also have slight stimulant and anxiety reduction effects. Pecans are reported to help lower cholesterol levels. These nuts are also good sources of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Indulgence in chocolate pecan pies is not as sinful because these pies do not satisfy your taste buds, they help your health as well.

Chocolate pecan pies are the perfect examples of Southern comfort food at its best. With just a slice of a chocolate pecan pie, your blues are sure to go away. Every bite brings back the fond memories and comforts of home. And every bit of chocolate flavored custard filling brings you closer to familiar happy sensations.

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