Hot Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate fudge is not only to be eaten cold. The best thing some chocolate lovers have found is that this rich and creamy treat is also good hot. It is perfect with a scoop of cool ice cream on top. It is even better when you put the chocolate fudge into the ice cream itself. Chocolate fudge is like a type of fondant. The only difference is that it is much drier when it is formed. The rich and creamy treat has been the favorite seller in candy stores especially around Valentine’s Day.

Like A Fondant

When a fondant is created, the sugar crystals are made into the form you know as chocolate fudge. The addition of the milk, butter, and sugar make it crystallize. Some of the time, you get a fudge recipe that will not cook correctly and you can actually see the sugar crystals inside. The right texture makes the chocolate fudge what it is to chocolate lovers. For chocolate brownies, the only change is the addition of more dry ingredients but those that love each will tell you there is nothing similar about them.

Heating It Up

The temperature of the fudge is the most important thing when making chocolate fudge. The high temperature is what makes the caramel separated from the fudge. The higher the temperature goes, the more sugar dissolves and the water in the mixture is cooked out. Now, the candy thermometers are used to check how hot it becomes. For those who would like to do it the old fashioned way, a bold of ice water should make the chocolate fudge mixture turn into a ball. A few of the fudge recipes will let you use marshmallow crème as an ingredient. This recipe is one of the fastest ways to make your family chocolate fudge. The marshmallow crème helps everything to stick together instead of the crystallization process with the sugar.

The First Recipe

The first fudge recipe was found to be written in a letter from Laura Simmonds. She noted in the letter that a cousin of hers, who was in school in Maryland around the year, 1886, had a mate that created something similar to the fudge we know today. It went for under forty cents per pound. Today, that same pound would be worth at least $30. Two years later, the same recipe became the favorite of Vassar College and is still a tradition at their Senior Auction today.

Spreading It Around

It did not take long for the chocolate fudge recipe to spread around and find itself loyal followers. This great candy treat went from one college to the other until it becomes the American favorite it is today. You can find everything from the basic nuts and candy to the most expensive liquors and crèmes in it today. Even though the beginning special recipe has changed with each persons taste and personal preferences, the essence of chocolate fudge has only been made that much better for it.

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