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Hershey's Flower Pot Bouquet

What You'll Need

Small flower pot
6" lengths of 12 gauge floral wire
Silk flower leaves
Green floral tape
Clear cellophane
1 yard of ribbon or pre-made bow
Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans
Assortment of Hershey's pastel foil wrapped candy such as Hershey's Kisses Brand Chocolates, Rolo Caramels in Milk Chocolate, Reese's Peanut Butter Miniatures, and York Peppermint Patties


To Create Hershey's Kisses Brand Chocolates Roses:

1. For each candy rose, spread glue on the bottom of one foil-wrapped chocolate.

2. Firmly press the bottom of another chocolate to it. Insert florist wire into one pointed end of the double kisses, twisting cellophane, continuing down the full length of wire with tape.

3. Add 1 or 2 artificial leaves, if desired, securing leaves in place with florist tape.

To create Rolo Caramels in Milk Chocolate Blue Bells:

1. Insert one length of floral wire through the center of 3-4 blue foil chocolate to form blossoms.

2. Wrap remaining lengths of wire with green floral tape, inserting silk leaves at the base of the chocolate.

To create all other Candy Blossoms:

1. Insert one length of floral wire partially through the center of York Peppermint Patty, or Reeses's Peanut Butter Miniature.

2. Wrap candy with a 4" square of clear cellophane, twisting the remainder of clear wrap around the top of the floral wire. Wrap wire beginning at the base of the candy, over the extra clear wrap, inserting silk leaves.

Hershey's Kisses Mice:

These adorable little mice will make you shriek, but with delight.

What You'll Need

Materials needed to make a pair of mice:
1/4 yard of 1/2 inch pink gross grain ribbon
1 sheet pink felt
4 shaky eyes
4 Hershey's Kisses Brand Chocolates per pair of mice
Glue (low heat gun, non-toxic craft glue, glue stick or confectioners' glue)


1. Create tails by cutting 2" lengths of pink gross grain ribbons, pinch one end of the ribbon in half and glue to point of one chocolate.

2. Cut the ears out of the pink felt and glue the base of the heart shape to the top of the flat side of one chocolate, leaving the two curved shapes extending over the edge to form the ears.

3. Glue both chocolates together flat end to flat end with felt ears nesting in between.

4. Complete by gluing on the jiggly eyes.

Vanella Cream Sauce:

Beat to a cream three tablespoonfuls of butter, and gradually beat into this two-thirds of a cupful of powdered sugar. When this is light and creamy, add a teaspoonful of vanilla; then gradually beat in two cupfuls of whipped cream.

Place the bowl in a pan of boiling water, and stir constantly for three minutes. Pour the sauce into a warm bowl, and serve.

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