Song Albums
Top Album Starting By S
By Aaron Watson, Sh - 14 titles e.g Heaven Help the Heart Lyrics, I Don't Want You to Go (But I Need You to Leave) Lyrics, Kentucky Coal Miner's Prayer Lyrics
Shaken And Stirred
By ABC, Sh - 1 titles e.g Thunderball [Martin Fry] Lyrics
Shhh... Don't Tell
By Adam Sandler, Sh - 14 titles e.g Best Friend Lyrics, Calling Home Lyrics, Creapin' On The Mayor Lyrics
By Adicta, - 0 titles e.g
Shut Your Mouth & Open Your Eyes
By AFI, Sh - 16 titles e.g A Single Second Lyrics, Coin Return Lyrics, Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight (an introduction) Lyrics
She Is Beautiful
By Andrew W.K., Sh - 2 titles e.g She Is Beautiful Lyrics , We Want Fun Lyrics
Shine (EP)
By Anna Nalick, Sh - 5 titles e.g Breaking The Girl Lyrics, Breathe (2 AM) (Acoustic Version) Lyrics, Shine Lyrics
Shakedown Tonight
By Anterrabae, Sh - 11 titles e.g CA Speech Goodbye Lyrics, Clever Shoplifting Tactics Lyrics, Curfews, Alcohol, And Other Jealousy Related Incid Lyrics
By Aqua Timez, Sh - 1 titles e.g Shiori Lyrics
By Armin Van Buuren, Sh - 7 titles e.g Bounce Back Lyrics, Empty State (Vocals by Mic Burns) Lyrics, Golddigger (Vocals by Martijn Hagens) Lyrics
Shitsuraku Tyou
By Art Cube, Sh - 2 titles e.g Blue Heaven Lyrics , Shitsuraku Tyou Lyrics
Shadows Are Security
By As I Lay Dying, Sh - 13 titles e.g Confined Lyrics, Control Is Dead Lyrics, Empty Hearts Lyrics
Short Music for Short People
By Ataris, Sh - 1 titles e.g The Radio Still Sucks Lyrics
Shopping Spree EP
By Atom And His Package, Sh - 2 titles e.g Shopping Spree Lyrics , Shopping Spree(Har Mar) Lyrics
Shattered Dawnbreak
By Aura, Sh - 4 titles e.g (An Ode To) The Autumnlands Lyrics, Moonsymmetry XXI: Empires Ablaze Lyrics, This Shattered Dawnbreak Lyrics
Shade of Brown
By Autozamm, Sh - 1 titles e.g You Don't Know Me Lyrics
Shark Tale [soundtrack]
By Avant, Sh - 1 titles e.g Can't Wait Lyrics
Shadow Zone
By Axel Rudi Pell, Sh - 7 titles e.g All The Rest Of My Life Lyrics, Coming Home Lyrics, Edge Of The World Lyrics
Shotter's Nation
By Babyshambles, Sh - 12 titles e.g Baddie's Boogie Lyrics, Carry On Up The Morning Lyrics, Crumb Begging Baghead Lyrics
By Bayside, Sh - 12 titles e.g A Call To Arms Lyrics, Boy Lyrics, Demons Lyrics
Shut Down
By The Beach Boys, Sh - 2 titles e.g Don't Worry Baby Lyrics , Fun, Fun, Fun Lyrics
Sha Sha
By Ben Kweller, Sh - 12 titles e.g Commerce, Tx Lyrics, Falling Lyrics, Family Tree Lyrics
She Cries Your Name [single]
By Beth Orton, Sh - 4 titles e.g Best Bit Lyrics, Bullet Lyrics, It's Not the Spotlight Lyrics
Shot By Lammi [Split w/ Drexel]
By Big D and the Kid's Table, Sh - 11 titles e.g Conserve Lyrics, Draw The Line Lyrics, Giving Up Lyrics
Shot Full of Love [Mercury Nashville]
By Billy Ray Cyrus, Sh - 11 titles e.g Busy Man Lyrics, Give My Heart To You Lyrics, His Shoes Lyrics