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Stay On These Roads
By A-Ha, St - 10 titles e.g Hurry Home Lyrics, Out Of Blue Comes Green Lyrics, Stay On These Roads Lyrics
Stars & Stripes
By Aaron Tippin, St - 2 titles e.g Love Like There's No Tomorrow Lyrics , Where The Stars & Stripes And The Eagle Fly Lyrics
By Aborted, St - 10 titles e.g 135 Lyrics, A Murmur In Decrepit Wits Lyrics, Avarice Of Vilification Lyrics
Stiff Upper Lip
By AC/DC, St - 12 titles e.g All Screwed Up Lyrics, Can't Stand Still Lyrics, Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll Lyrics
Staying A Life
By Accept, St - 15 titles e.g Balls To The Wall Lyrics, Breaker Lyrics, Dogs On Leads Lyrics
Stan And Judy's Kid
By Adam Sandler, St - 3 titles e.g 7 Foot Man Lyrics, She Comes Home To Me Lyrics, The Chanukah Song Pt. 2 Lyrics
By Agnes, St - 11 titles e.g (Baby) I Want You Gone Lyrics, (What Do I Do With) All This Love Lyrics, Champion Lyrics
Stoned Town
By Akeboshi, St - 2 titles e.g Akikaze no Uta Lyrics , Wind Lyrics
Stat Quo
By Akon, St - 1 titles e.g Smack That (Remix) (feat. Bobby Creekwater and Stat Quo) Lyrics
By Alan Parsons Project, St - 6 titles e.g Beaujolais Lyrics, In The Real World Lyrics, Light of the World Lyrics
By The Alarm, St - 6 titles e.g Rain In The Summertime Lyrics, Rescue Me Lyrics, Sixty Eight Guns Lyrics
Studio 1
By All Saints, St - 15 titles e.g Chick Fit Lyrics, Flashback Lyrics, Fundamental Lyrics
By Alpha, St - 3 titles e.g Silver Light Lyrics, Vers Toi Lyrics, Waiting Lyrics
Still Me, Still Now
By Amy Diamond, St - 10 titles e.g All The Money In The World Lyrics, Big Guns Lyrics, Diamonds Lyrics
Straight Ahead
By Amy Grant, St - 10 titles e.g Angels Lyrics, Doubly Good to You Lyrics, It's Not a Song Lyrics
Starlight Express
By Andrew Lloyd Webber, St - 3 titles e.g I Am The Starlight Lyrics, Only You Lyrics, Starlight Express Lyrics
Stone Love
By Angie Stone, St - 18 titles e.g Cinderella Ballin' Lyrics, Come Home (Live With Me) Lyrics, I Wanna Thank Ya Lyrics
Stolen Hill
By Anika Moa, St - 12 titles e.g Annie Goes To Sleep Lyrics, Broken Man Lyrics, In The Morning Lyrics
Strawberry Jam
By Animal Collective, St - 9 titles e.g #1 Lyrics, Chores Lyrics, Cuckoo Lyrics
Strip Me?
By Anna Tsuchiya, St - 4 titles e.g Change Your Life Lyrics, Rose Lyrics, SLAP THAT NAUGHTY BODY Lyrics
Straight, Clean & Simple/Talk It Over In The Morning
By Anne Murray, St - 4 titles e.g A Stranger in My Place Lyrics, I'll Never Fall in Love Again Lyrics, Most of All Lyrics
Straight Clean & Simple [Capitol]
By Anne Murray, St - 3 titles e.g A Stranger in My Place Lyrics, I'll Never Fall in Love Again Lyrics, People's Park Lyrics
Straight, Clean & Simple/Talk It Ove
By Anne Murray, St - 1 titles e.g Cotton Jenny Lyrics
State Of Euphoria
By Anthrax, St - 10 titles e.g Antisocial Lyrics, Be All, End All Lyrics, Finale Lyrics
Stomp 442
By Anthrax, St - 11 titles e.g Fueled Lyrics, American Pompeii Lyrics, Bare Lyrics