Number of Lyrics in Album : 15
By Accept, Too many slaves in this world die by torture and
By Accept, Rollin' just like thunder, tryin' to get you down Mistreatin' ev'rythin', if you
By Accept, He stares at her, his teeth are bare Blood gets hot,
By Accept, Fog in the streets A church clock beats Midnight - darkness all
By Accept, They all know your name They know you're a star You've been
By Accept, Instrumental
By Accept, Always on the run Where you are going, what you are
By Accept, Walking down the main street I see a city’s face Boys dressed
By Accept, Everyone is telling me that he was born as a
By Accept, It is 1999 The human race has to face it They are
By Accept, There's rain on the mountain A white frost on the moors It's
By Accept, They're running wild They're on a down hill ride Like a rebel
By Accept, Screaming for a love-bite And you hide it, that it makes
By Accept, You make the stars Illusions and dreams You're what you
By Accept, Too many things happened today Too many words I don't wanna