Number of Lyrics in Album : 10
By Accept, Rollin' just like thunder, tryin' to get you down Mistreatin' ev'rythin', if you
By Accept, I hear a rock'n'roll guitar, screamin' wild on the radio Well, I
By Accept, I want you baby, so hold me tight C'mon - let's
By Accept, My love is gone - out of sight My brain is
By Accept, They say I won't make it to the top of
By Accept, Trying to find my ride C'mon, let's go to town I wanna
By Accept, Have been (through all plays) But everything seems so sad without
By Accept, There's rain on the mountain A white frost on the moors It's
By Accept, They're running wild They're on a down hill ride Like a rebel
By Accept, You make the stars Illusions and dreams You're what you