Number of Lyrics in Album : 12
By AC/DC, Get ready You think your kinda tough You're walkin' kinda rough When you
By AC/DC, When i see a pretty woman You know it gives me
By AC/DC, Don't you give me no line Better run if you can Just
By AC/DC, Picking up the sleaze in my car Hell no distance too
By AC/DC, Don't smoke don't fight don't light no cigarettes Or else you'll
By AC/DC, Oh yeah Well there will be no words of fighting, around
By AC/DC, I got a big fat Cadillac built for you I got
By AC/DC, Humdinger Bell ringer Got a nasty stinger To slow you down Mud slinger Gold digger Who
By AC/DC, Now I'm gonna watch the fire (?) Night time or day Looking
By AC/DC, Come on little baby gimme your hand Check out the high
By AC/DC, She makes the place a jumping The way she move around She
By AC/DC, Well I was out on a drive On a bit of